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Good or bad customer service reporting for consumers

How It Works

Good Customer Experience | Bad Customer Experience
» How GoodorBadExperience.com Works For a User.

Through GoodorBadExperience.com we are enabling consumers to publicly report their Good Experiences or Bad Experiences with a Company, Organisation or Product.

As a consumer, you now have the power to let everyone know about Bad Experiences that you are effectively paying for! You also have the power to broadcast a Good Experience, so that others may experience the same.

GoodorBadExperience.com has been designed to enable consumers to report on their experiences, so that other consumers can see. It will also enable Companies and Organisations to easily view their customers experiences, whilst being able to publicly, and individually, respond.

We appreciate that Bad Experiences are very frustrating, but as a user of GoodorBadExperience.com it is vital that you are truthful, constructive and not rude or offensive in any way.

Good Customer Experience | Bad Customer Experience
» How GoodorBadExperience.com Works For a Company / Organisation.

Subscribing to GoodorBadExperience.com enables you to publicly and individually respond / interact with your customers. Once you have responded, users will be able to rate your response and indicate as to whether they now feel differently.

You will also have access to users contact details and suggestions as to how their experience could have been improved.

The GoodorBadExperience.com Team, will notify you by e-mail each time the user posts an experience relating to your organisation, company or product.

The GoodorBadExperience.com Team offer monthly, quarterly and yearly Bad Experience analysis.

GoodorBadExperience.com has the aim of improving consumer / customer experiences, whilst revolutionising the way companies / organisations interact and react to their customers.

Constructive criticism is great and everyone loves hearing about your Good Experiences. However, rude or offensive reports will not be tolerated.

GoodorBadExperience.com is not a platform for slander. It is a clever, economical, cost effective way for Companies / Organisations who have subscribed, to monitor their business and custom.


Good or bad customer service reporting for consumers